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THERE are many roads to weight loss.

Regardless of what kind of diet you choose to follow, weight loss guru Michael Mosley says consuming protein is key if you're looking to shed a few pounds.

The doctor and creator of rapid weight loss programme The Fast 800 said proteins – like fat and carbohydrates – are macronutrients that we need to eat large amounts of for calories and energy.

But unlike the other two nutrients, Dr Mosley said the body cannot store protein, so it’s important to eat quality sources of it each day to reap it benefits.

In a blog posted to his website, the TV presenter said protein can be found in both animal and plant products, such as:

  • meat
  • eggs
  • dairy
  • beans
  • pulses
  • nuts

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He recommended eating at least 60g of protein per day.

"To put that into perspective, the average 100g chicken breast is around 31g of protein," Dr Mosley wrote.

"Similarly, a medium egg contains around 6g of protein, a cup of chickpeas contains roughly 14g and broccoli totals around 4g of protein per stalk."

How does protein aid weight loss?

The weight loss guru said protein "has been shown to have a great impact on weight loss".

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But even if fat loss isn't your goal, "we all have something to gain from the effects of a protein-rich diet", he added.

Boosting your protein intake can assist in effective weight loss because it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, Dr Mosley explained.

Your body will also secrete its satiety hormones – GIP and GLP-1 – and decrease levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin when you're eating enough of the nutrient, he continued.

A high-protein diet means "you’re burning more calories around the clock, including during sleep", through a process called thermogenesis – producing heat by burning calories.

"Protein is proven to have a much higher thermic effect compared to carbohydrates and fat," according to Dr Mosley.

On top of everything, you'll be able to retain your muscle while shedding fat.

And finally, boosting protein intake can help prevent the dreaded weight regain. Dr Mosley recommended you increase your intake of the macronutrient by 15 to 18 per cent to halve your chances of putting back on the weight you lost.

How can I boost my protein intake?

Dr Mosley had a few tips for reaching his recommended 60g of protein per day.

  1. Try supplement shakes
  2. Prep your meals ahead of time to ensure you're consuming the right amounts of nutrients – try yoghurt bowls for breakfast, quinoa for lunch and a hearty chicken dish for dinner
  3. Don't stick to just one source of protein – try fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds to ensure you don't get bored
  4. Eat other nutrients too for a well-rounded diet

Aside from weight loss, the diet guru claimed a protein-rick diet could boost your health in other ways, by:

  • Maintaining good bone health
  • Lowering risk of osteoporosis
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Speeding up injury recovery

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