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A SINGLE mum on Universal Credit has shared her top tips for saving money at the shops as the cost-of-living crisis bites.

Vicky Fisher urged Brits who are feeling the pinch to "go shopping at home" before going to the supermarket in order to make the most of what's in the cupboards.

Vicky, from Moseley, Birmingham, says she goes without to make sure her son Daniel, 7, doesn't have to but she also makes sure nothing is wasted, helping her keep the family fed.

Speaking on Channel 5 documentary 'Bargain Brits on Benefits', she advised Brits to "go shopping at home before you head to the shops" so that everything in the house is used up before more need to be bought.

She said: "You find food at the back of the cupboard that you'd forgotten you had. I found tinned fruit the other day in my cupboard that had gone past its best before date, and I'm normally pretty good at keeping track of what we've got."

Other advice included decluttering the house to make sure you only have what you need and to keep an eye on second hand shops where clothes are cheaper.

Another tip is to make a bit of extra cash by selling clothes you don't need to either save or spend on something more useful.

Even with a money-saving plan, though, Vicky admits the cost of living can still squeeze most families.

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She added: "I can feel it already, my electric and my gas bills have gone up. But you just have to get on with it, I can't ask anyone for help, I just have to do what I need to do.

"I go without to try to make sure my son never goes without. I saved to buy him good school shoes to hopefully last the year. I really need new shoes as I have arched feet but I just can't afford them."

Young Daniel does his bit too, spending just 50p of his £1.50 pocket money, while saving 50p and still having the heart to give the last 50p to charity or the homeless.

The family also feel that saving money and being kind to the planet go together.

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Vicky says: "I try to be as environmentally-friendly as I can. We wash out old jars and take them to the Zero Waste supermarket.

"It's good because you can buy just a little bit of stuff there if you want without having to spend a lot of money."


  1. Shop at home before the shops
  2. Declutter the house and get rid of things you don’t need
  3. Sell clothes you don’t need
  4. Use second-hand shops and avoid impulse buying
  5. Set up swap shops with friends
  6. Buy basics in bulk
  7. Bulk out food with beans and veg
  8. Store food well to keep it fresh
  9. Make filling meals like porridge and stews
  10. Reuse jars and use zero-waste supermarkets

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