Im addicted to male attention and make a fortune on OnlyFans – but need help

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A model had to seek help for her addiction to social media and male attention.

Fenella Fox, 28,is one of the top creators onOnlyFans, shooting to fame online after embracing the “all-natural” look.

The Bristol-based beauty is now in the top 1% of creators worldwide but says her job has been detrimental to her mental health.

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She exclusively told Daily Star: “I went to AA for the first time last month when I was at a festival. I saw the AA tent and decided I should pop in. It said you could go in for any type of addiction, not just alcohol.

“I used to have a drinking problem when I was a cam girl. I did myfreecams as my full-time job for three years and in that time I would consider myself to be an alcoholic.

“I was never brave enough to go to an AA meeting but this festival tent looked very welcoming – and it was.

“I used to use alcohol to get me through the webcam shifts especially when they were private one-on-one video calls. I hated doing those and couldn't do them unless I was drunk!”

Fenella would wake up and drink alcohol leftover from the night before and drink all day until it was time for bed.

She added: “I’m very glad to have passed that point of my life it was extremely depressing and I felt like I was trapped.”

The 28-year-old finally made the decision to quit myfreecams – where she made £1,700 to £6,800 a month – to Patreon, where she sold nude photos and made around £1,700 to £4,200 a month and noticed her relationship with booze improved drastically.

Sadly, she still had some demons left that she needed to fight as she feels like she went from one addiction to another.

When Fenella would go to the AA tent everyone would sit in a circle and share their life experiences and what brought them to the meeting.

The OnlyFans model told them that while she was no longer addicted to alcohol, she was now addicted to social media, money and male attention.

“Nothing has changed since the meeting as social media and male attention are what pays my bills and I find it very difficult to disconnect,” she explained.

“I even get something called ‘cyber motion sickness’ because I spend so much time on my phone, sometimes more than 10 hours a day. Last year I even needed a wheelchair after being so dizzy I could not walk.”

Fenella is determined to make changes to help with both addictions.

She is planning on hiring a team to take away some of her screen time and is aiming to switch off her phone before 9am and after 9pm.

“I have had constant male attention since I was in school. I can feel very bored if I go a day without it!” she shared.

“I need a lot of it and my job with social media and OnlyFans really helps to scratch the itch.”

Fenella previously told Daily Star that when she was younger she was over-sexualised because of her large breasts.

This also meant she was often bullied in school by her peers.

“The boys would pull my skirt up, pull down my pants and pin me against walls, trees and chairs. It got me a name of being a slut and a slag but I was just constantly being assaulted and harassed,” she said.

“It was very hard to deal with when I was younger but I turned the negative experience into a positive one when I joined the adult industry.”


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