I'm sick of my single friend asking me to watch her kids so she can go out

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM sick of my friend asking me to watch her children so she can go out without them.

She is 25, the same as me.

Her kids are nine, seven and six. My kids are seven and five.

She will call me, making it sound urgent, but when I get to her house she will say she just wants to go to the shop.

She will be gone over an hour.

She is single and deserves some time to herself but asking me to babysit several times a week is a bit much.

If I say no she gets really huffy, yet this is interfering with my family life as I have to take my kids away from what they’re doing to go round there.

DEIDRE SAYS: This is just taking advantage of your goodwill. Decide how often you are willing to babysit and tell her.

You may have to repeat this message several times, but she will stop putting pressure on you once you make your boundaries clear.

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