Influencer claims to make £43.5k a month reporting strippers for tax avoidance

A TikTok influencer has gone viral after claiming to make $60,000 a month reporting strippers to the IRS.

Ethan Keiser, an influencer with 840,000 followers, told his fans that he rats out strippers for tax evasion on the IRS (International Revenue Service) whistleblower website.

But strippers on TikTok have slammed him and said that the video spreads misinformation about the adult industry and encourages harassment.

In his recent video, Ethan showed his followers the steps he takes to report strippers to the US governmental service.

He included a screenshot of the whistleblower page and noted that anyone can earn 30% of their money if they are not paying taxes, reports Rolling Stone.

Ethan also encouraged others to report strippers on TikTok and accused the dancers of not paying taxes.

He said: “It's business, baby.”

Strippers who Ethan has stitched his videos with (that’s where you show their video next to your own clip) have faced harassment from his followers.

Some of Ethan’s fans have even said they will rob or report the women.

Ashley DiMeo, a stripper and TikTok creator commented: "He's making it worse for us.

“We get so much hate and he creates so much more hate.”

Over the last couple of years sex workers have been working to de-stigmatise the community through platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Popular hashtag StripTok on the video website allows people to see inside the world of adult entertainers.

But, Ethan has targeted women who show their weekend’s earnings and said “I’ll be taking 30%” – meaning he will snitch on them to the IRS.

The bloke claims his videos are meant to be a warning about posting your earnings as an independent contractor online and "be careful flexing on social media if you are a 1099 worker."

But, sex workers have said he’s adding to their harassment online and encouraging people to dox strippers (that means to search for and publish identifying information about them online) .

Plus, despite Ethan’s claims, strippers pointed out that they doing pay taxes just like singers and regular dancers.

Bronx-based dancer Mona Marie told Vice "Every dancer is different, and every entertainer has different things going on. She may be filing taxes under her business, or filing taxes under her own brand."

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