Inside worlds largest McDonalds with wild menu items only found there

If you're a McNugget fanatic or a Big Mac enthusiast, we may have just found where you should take your next trip.

Die-hard McDonald's fans might just want to hop on a plane to the US to visit one branch of the famous fast food chain.

That's because it is the world's largest McDonald's.

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And as well as that, there are some wild items you can try only there.

The branch, which is found near the suburbs of Orlando, halfway between Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, is a Maccy D's like no other.

As well as the usuals like chips, McNuggets and burgers, it sells a gourmet menu including wood-fired pizzas, fresh pasta, Belgian waffles, made-to-order omelettes and whole cakes smothered with icing.

The McDonald’s on International Drive, which is also known as the 'Epic McD', serves pasta too.

It's not just one type either – as you have the option try tricolore tortellini, linguine, cavatappi or even ravioli.

Sauce wise, you can choose from classic bolognese, alfredo and basil pesto.

With the pizza, you can add various meats and extras like olives, pineapple or peppers.

There's even proper veggies such as broccoli on the menu, which you definitely can't find in any of its other 40,000 restaurants.

Desserts on offer include chocolate corruption cake, peanut butter explosion cake and a glazed apple fritter.

When it comes to price, the pasta costs around $US12.48 (£10.37) and the pizza $US10.28 (£8.54), so you may need to spend a tiny bit more than you usually do at Maccies.

All the food is served to your table on fine china by a waiter though, so you're getting extra special service.

It seems some people aren't bothered about the unique items being rolled out to the entire globe.

“I’m not saying it’s bad pizza,” one British tourist told “But I’m not convinced they should roll it out.”

While another added: "There’s a place for pizza. And it’s not McDonald’s."

If you're not going for the food though, why not go for the entertainment.

There's a huge play area to keep the kids entertained, with an animatronic piano player complete with a moon for a head. Alongside that, there's also an entire neon amusement arcade.

Talking about the establishment, McDonald’s USA executive Georgette LeMieux said: “The unique location of Orlando allows us the unique opportunity to diversify the menu.

“Overall, customers love it, it's completely unexpected.”


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