Is California Too Liberal For Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo announced on their Instagram page several weeks ago that they would be uprooting their life in Laredo, Texas to make a big move to Los Angeles, California. Although the two seem incredibly excited about the move, as do the fans, it’s definitely going to be a big change of pace for the couple. Both of them come from strict religious backgrounds — will L.A. be too different for them?

Duggar and Vuolo announced they will be moving to L.A. in July

A couple months ago, Duggar and Vuolo took a trip out to California and posted some photos of their travels on social media. Fans were quick to notice how much fun it looked like the two were having, and people began to say the couple should move out to California. It was as if fans read Duggar and Vuolo’s minds; a short time later, the couple announced that they would be picking up their Texas life and planting new roots in California starting this July. Vuolo will be taking graduate classes in California, which has given the couple and their daughter the opportunity to see a new place. Fans were thrilled to hear the couple would be branching out.

Duggar and Vuolo have grown to love their Texas town

Although Duggar and Vuolo seem excited about their move, they definitely aren’t happy to be leaving their current home in Laredo, Texas. Duggar said in her post about the move that it would be difficult to leave all of the friends they’ve made. Duggar first moved to Texas after she wed Vuolo, who was already living in the Lone Star State; since 2016, they’ve called Texas home. Duggar said the two have made plenty of friends and that leaving them will be tough, but they’re excited to see what’s next for them in California.

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L.A. is very liberal and accepting, which could contradict the couple’s strict religious beliefs

Although Duggar and Vuolo seem excited for their move, the way of life in L.A. will probably take some getting used to. The couple has very strict religious beliefs, and they don’t necessarily accept everything that people in L.A. do. For example, the Duggar family is extremely against abortion as well as birth control, but most people in California believe that every woman has the right to her own body and how she controls it. Christianity suggests that gay people are not welcome, but in California, everyone is welcome. The state definitely, as a whole, has very different values from Duggar and Vuolo. The couple could be in for quite an awakening when they actually move there versus only taking a trip.

It’s unclear how long the couple will be living there — they might love it or hate it

Vuolo is taking classes, but it’s unclear if this move is temporary or permanent. The couple seems to be open to trying new places, and Duggar is largely considered the most rebellious member of her family, so it’s possible the two will actually adapt well to their new home. However, based on what we know about the Duggar family, they are extremely traditional, and California is the opposite. Time will tell how comfortable the couple feels living somewhere so new and accepting.

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