Is Chicago Fire returning for season 10?

CHICAGO Fire has been thrilling fans for nearly ten years now, and each season never disappoints.

Season 9 came to a close on May 26, 2021, but now fans are eager to know if the series has been renewed for another season.

Is Chicago Fire returning for season 10?

Fear not, your favorite firefighter show is coming back for season 10.

The show will continue on NBC, along with Chicago Med and Chicago PD.

Sadly we don't know yet when it will air.

But if we go by season 9, it should begin in November 2021.

What will happen in Chicago Fire season 10?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from season 9 finale of Chicago Fire

Season 9 ended on the most almighty cliffhanger when ALL of the Squad from Firehouse 51 were trapped under a boat, with water filling up rapidly.

Although the plot for season 10 is yet to be revealed, it will no doubt start with either the Squad being rescued, or someone dying.

At yet we don't know who, or if someone died.

Is this the last season of Chicago Fire?

We still have plenty more Chicago Fire to come in our lives.

Die-hard One fans have nothing to worry about, as NBC announced back in March 2020 that the show was renewed until at least season 11.

With this in mind, we still have more episodes until at least 2023.

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