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DEAR DEIDRE: SEX with my aunt is great but I’m worried I’ll get into trouble with the law.

If we’re both adults and nobody is getting hurt then why is it so wrong?

I’m 29 and my aunt, my dad’s sister, is 59.

When I split up with my partner and had to move out, six months ago, she kindly let me lodge at her house.

I couldn’t afford to get my own place until my flat was sold, so, as she’s widowed and has spare rooms, it made sense.

We’d always had a normal nephew-aunt relationship.


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After I moved in, we started to spend evenings together, watching TV or having a meal.

She confided in me that she had felt very lonely since her husband died suddenly two years ago, and it was nice having company.

I realised how much I enjoyed being with her too. I also started to notice how attractive she is.

I began to fantasise about bedding her.

Then, one day, I forgot to lock the door when I was in the bathroom and she walked in on me naked. She apologised, but I could tell she liked what she saw.

After that there was a definite sexual tension. And one Friday night, after a couple of bottles of wine, we found ourselves kissing on the sofa.

I ended up in her bed, and we had mind-blowing sex.

The next day, I expected her to say it had been a huge mistake and to kick me out.

She didn’t, and a few days later, we ended up in bed again.

Since then, we’ve been having sex regularly.

We’ve agreed we’re not in a relationship — it’s just satisfying a mutual need.

It’s consensual, we’re both adults and not doing anyone any harm.

Is this against the law?

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DEIDRE SAYS: You know this isn’t right – or you wouldn’t be writing to me. Having sex with your aunt is a form of incest, and is against the law.

You could be prosecuted and go to prison for two years.

You both gave each other support when you were having a difficult time but you must stop this.

You may not feel you’re hurting anyone, but this would probably destroy your family if they found out.

Please find somewhere else to live as soon as possible.

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