Jill Biden is ‘more active as fan and supporter’ of her husband than Melania

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Melania, 50, has been FLOTUS for four years as her husband billionaire Donald Trump, 74, held office. The former-model and Slovenian-born First Lady headed up the Be Best campaign for children during her time.

A body language expert has analysed Jill and Melania, comparing and contrasting the two.

She claims Jill will bring a “strong family vibe” and is a “more active as fan and supporter” to her husband.

Judi James told Express.co.uk: “Jill shows more valid power signals in terms of working as a team with her husband.”

However, the teacher does allow her husband to take centre stage.

Judi went on: “Her posture tends to be rather self-diminished, with her shoulders slightly raised, hinting at a desire to lower her own status when she is with Joe to ensure he is the one on the power-plinth.

“When she speaks though, her body language is in as strong contrast to Melania’s as Joe’s is to Donald’s.

“Joe tends to use the more restrained gesticulation of Barack Obama, focusing attention on his vocal tone and facial expressions rather than his hand movements, whereas Trump’s theatrical, over-exaggerated hand gestures and body movements were legendary.

“Jill is the one who will tend to use emphatic hand gestures to signal the passion of her messages, while Melania was never a fan of moving either her hands or many of her facial muscles as she spoke.”

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Public displays of affection are likely to feature more in the Biden presidency.

Judi went on: “Like the Obamas, the Bidens look as though they will be bringing a strong family vibe to the presidency, with Jill far more active as fan and supporter but also an equal to her husband in terms of political knowledge and passion.

“The couple use strong eye contact and face-gazing and although Michelle and Barack won the crown in terms of passionate, romantic poses and displays during their inauguration celebrations, I think the Bidens might be happy to play them a strong second.”

There are someways, though, in which Melania and Jill are similar. 

Judi said: “Both Melania and Jill do share a similar role in providing a contrast to their husbands’ presidential personas though.

“Melania looked graceful, elegant, cautious and wary. She managed to look like the angel of honesty on the recent campaign trail.

“When Trump forgot to pose up for the anthem or tried to grasp at her hand at the wrong moment, Melania would nudge or swat him in a way that suggested she was the one in charge of the protocol.

“Jill’s fun energy and displays of active, more spontaneous body language gives a more youthful spin to her 77 year-old husband.

“She also sits beside him, keeping what looks like a fond but watchful eye out to correct his signature verbal blunders.

“When Joe looked close to breaking social distancing guidelines on a visit recently Jill darted forward to pull him back and he obeyed gracefully and apologised in a way that suggested he was happy to take direction from his wife.”

Now he appears to have lost the election, what will Donald Trump do next? 

It seems unlikely Donald and his wife Melania will remain in Washington. Donald only moved there on his election and his wife Melania did not follow him til sometime after.

Previously the family has seemed very happy splitting their time between New York and Palm Beach.

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