Kate Middleton and Charles’ body language ‘surprising’: Royals show ‘trust and friendship’

Kate Middleton is a 'great peacemaker' says Goldsmith

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Kate Middleton and Prince Charles have been seen chatting at key royal events but they give little away about their relationship. Body language expert Judi James has shared some insight on the subtle cues which could show their “trust and friendship”.

Kate has been part of the Royal Family since she married Prince William on April 29, 2011.

Her royal role seems to have grown over the years and she has been seen taking on an increasing amount of responsibilities.

This has involved the Duchess spending time with her father-in-law and the future King, Prince Charles.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Judi claimed the two royals are not often affectionate with each other in public.

However, some rare displays of closeness suggest they have formed good bonds in private.

She explained: “Both Kate and her father-in-law are known for their rather politely formal body language displays at the bigger royal occasions and neither are overly tactile.

“It usually takes niece Zara Tindall to break through Charles’ public reserve with hugs and laughter.

“But the way that Kate performed her hug with ease and confidence suggested she and Charles might have grown a warmer relationship than expected behind the scenes.”

While rare, the expert commented on a number of moments the royals have been caught off guard displaying their close relationship.

This was visible as the royals met at a ceremony at the Commonwealth War Graves Commisions’s Tyne Cot Cemetery, before the coronavirus pandemic.

Judi said: “The touch rituals here look instigated by Charles himself.

“When he is seen holding Kate’s arm to kiss her on the cheek the clench looks more like a squeeze, making it an add-on gesture to add affection to a public greeting ritual.”

While other family members are present, Judi added Prince Charles is keen to speak directly to the Duchess of Cambridge.

“He seems to like to command Kate’s attention like an old friend,” she continued.

“[He talks] exclusively to her here in these public poses but even using a pointing gesture to direct his conversation directly to Kate and across his wife Camilla as they walk together.”

The mother-of-three responds well to this as she uses “intense” eye contact while they talk.

This could suggest “strong friendship” between the two royals, Judi claimed.

She stated: “In response, Kate seems to be very adept at non-verbal flattery with her father-in-law, offering wide, amused smiles and intense eye-gaze as she stands with him, listening to him talk.

“This head closeness suggests high levels of trust and strong bonds of friendship.”

Their tactile relationship was seen most recently as Kate comforted Prince Charles at the funeral of his father Prince Philip.

Judi commented: “At his father’s funeral, as he was visibly moved by grief and even tearful at times, it was Kate who was spotted placing a comforting arm around Charles’s shoulders in a very tactile and spontaneous gesture of open affection that seemed surprising at the time.”

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