L'Oreal's New At-Home Hair Dye Comes With an Actual Colorist Consultation

Like cutting my own bangs and doing my own taxes, using at-home hair dye to color my own hair has always sounded downright terrifying. It's not so much the actual technique that freaks me out — YouTube is always there to help — but more, choosing the right shade. I must not be alone, because L'Oréal just launched a brand new at-home hair dye system that seeks to solve that problem (and many more).

It's called Color&Co, a direct-to-consumer box service born in an effort to take the very realistic confusion out of at-home hair dye. “We knew that up to 70 percent of at-home color users don’t know exactly what hair color works for them and worry about unpredictable color results. We wanted to fix that problem," Color&Co General Manager Olivier Blayac explained in a press release. 

To do that, the brand used technology to create a user-friendly website, but didn't totally drop the experience of interacting with a real human professional colorist. The first step involves heading to colorandco.com, where users have the choice of a video consultation from an independent, licensed professional colorist who helps them choose a color based on their desired results, or taking a thorough quiz. 

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From there, based on the results from the consultation, the brand selects a base color and adjusts the depth and tone of the shade to create a custom hair dye formula. The hair dye, along with application tools, application instructions (based on all-over color and simple root touch-ups), and after-care products, is then shipped to the customer. 

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At $20 per box, the concept is about twice as much as a standard box of hair dye you can pick up at Target, but is also significantly cheaper than the price of a single process at the salon. 

While I'm not yet ready to skip out on my colorist appointments (the deep conversations cannot be beat), if I'm ever in a bind where my brunette needs touching up fast, Color&Co can count me in. 

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