Love Island fans are convinced that Kady McDermott has a boyfriend outside of the villa

It’s not every day you get to appear on Love Island, the biggest reality dating show on TV. And it’s definitely not every day that you get to head into the villa twice, like serial Islander Kady McDermott has done.

The 27 year old last appeared on the show seven years ago during series two where she came third, along with her now ex, Scott Thomas, the brother of Corrie’s Ryan and Emmerdale’s Adam.

Upon entering the villa, she’s caused quite the stir so far. From stealing Zach from Molly and sending her home to accidentally calling Zach Scott, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that Kady has provided her fair share of drama.

However, after being in the villa for almost a week now, fans have become a little suspicious of her behaviour, leading them to believe that she’s not being 100% honest.

It comes as her and Zach’s relationship has been pretty slow moving, plus, the fact that she’s not really made an effort to get to know the rest of the guys.

During the latest kissing challenge – which saw the girls tasked with kissing each boy as they were blindfolded – Kady looked clearly uncomfortable. Apart from Zach, whose kiss slightly lingered, she gave the rest of the guys a quick peck, before running away and laughing.

The previous day, she’d also rejected Zach making a move on her, telling him that she feels it’s too soon.

While Kady could be telling the truth in that she wants to take things slower with Zach – she did admit before entering the villa that she was more mature this time around and that she is looking for love – some fans aren’t convinced.

Taking to Twitter following the challenge, many have speculated that she’s actually already got a boyfriend outside of the villa, which is why she’s been holding back.

“Guys I’m convinced Kady has a boyfriend at home cos she rlly isn’t giving rn #LoveIsland,” one fan said, as another fan echoed the sentiment, typing: “The way Kady has been acting ever since she’s came into the villa, I 100% believe that she has a boyfriend at home #LoveIsland.”

Others chimed in in agreement, as third pondered the idea, and questioned whether they should stop bringing previous Islanders back.

“Guys the rumours that Kady has a boyfriend might be true because she hasn’t given anything to the villa it seems like she’s holding back. Maybe they should stop bringing in ex islanders,” they penned, as a fourth added: “Kady 100% has a boyfriend on the outside #LoveIsland.”


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