Man reveals how to seal a bag of crisps just by folding in viral TikTok hack

No one wants to eat stale crisps but when you’re sat in front of Netflix, getting up to fetch a clip to seal the packet seems like a lot of effort.

But one man has revealed how he seals his packets just by folding, meaning you can protect your crisps, without getting off the sofa.

Paulio, from Melbourne, Australia, posted a video on TikTok captioned ‘seal your chips in 3 easy steps’ and it’s now been viewed over 16,000 times.

He shows how he folds the corners in on the side not facing him and then rolls the packet down towards himself.

When he gets about halfway down the packet, he pulls the corners over the rolled part and gives it a squeeze.

Seal your chips in 3 easy steps! #RoseGoldFaceBrush #MyArt #fyp #lifehacks

He says once you do that ‘it doesn’t come undone’.

It might be something you’ve seen on the internet before but it seems lots of people had no idea about the simple hack.

One person said: ‘Mate you’re living in 2040.’

Another added: ‘Oh so that’s how my housemate used to fold them. I wish I knew that so i could pinch some and roll it back up so he didn’t know.’

Someone else added that they’d just bought lots of storage containers and now realised they didn’t need them.

Other commenters jokingly said their ‘hack’ involved just eating the whole packet in one go so you don’t have to worry about sealing it up at all.

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