Man says you can only swallow 2-3 times in a row before ‘body makes you stop’

A man claims people can only swallow two to three times continuously before they're forced to stop.

Jesse Beharell took to TikTok and asked his followers to try it out themselves.

He briefly explained the "test" in the video, saying: "You can only swallow two to three times before your body forces you to stop.

"Go on, try it. Tell me know how many times you can do it."

If you are trying like many other viewers, you might have to agree to Jesse.

But some took it as a challenge and attempted to swallow more than three times said it "almost choked" on their saliva.

One commented: "5 times. It felt like I almost choked with the insides of my throat."

Another said: "7 and I almost saw my grandma."

A third joked: "I did 14 but I was drinking water."

There are two kinds of swallowing, wet and dry. Wet is when you are eating or drinking, and dry, unsurprisingly, is when you aren't actually swallowing anything at all, other than saliva.

To swallow anything your throat muscles, 22 of them, have to contract to force the contents down – this is called the peristaltic sequence.

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A speech therapist commented on a Reddit post, which mentioned the trick in 2019, that saliva helps trigger the brain to swallow.

She wrote: "Swallowing multiple times in a row, meaning a decrease in saliva or no saliva.

"You can swallow again when enough saliva builds up again."

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