Matthew Lepre is Hiring for 'The Coolest Job in the World' — And It Already Has 50K Applicants (Exclusive)

The 26-year-old Australian millionaire is looking for an assistant to travel the world with him — and get paid for it.

Looking for a job? You’re in luck!

Matthew Lepre is hiring for "The coolest job in the world" — and the hunky Australian 26-year-old e-commerce millionaire sat down with TooFab this week to describe what he’s looking for.

"We’re looking for someone to join the team, come with us when we travel around the world, get content, explore different things and just have fun,’ he explained.

The personal assistant position pays $52,000 a year, comes with full health benefits, and all travel and accommodation is paid for as the team roves the globe.

Technically, applicants need to be somewhat social media savvy; but Matt explained that attitude is a much more important quality.

"Obviously somebody that loves travelling, has an attitude where they just want to try new things in life, outgoing," he described. "Obviously a hard worker ’cause work has to get done still, but we work hard for the first few hours of the day — if we’re in Thailand for example we might go for a swim on our lunch-break — we work hard but we play harder.

Unfortunately there is only one vacant assistant position, and there has already been more than 50,000 applicants so far.

However, Matt revealed he is also recruiting for another position — but this one doesn’t pay (in currency, anyway).

"I’m looking for a girl that loves me for who I am," he admitted. I’m looking for a partner… obviously she has to be attractive, pretty cute. I love my Latina girls, they’ve got a good chance," he added, smiling.

"Someone that’s really considerate, passionate; somebody that’s going to improve my life, and obviously I’ll do the same thing… so yeah someone that’s not going to make my life harder!"

Turnoffs meanwhile include someone who’s selfish and always thinks about themselves. "Because I’m really giving, I love giving love to people, so I’d love if someone could show that back," Matt explained.

Matt admitted that sometimes there are crossed wires regarding his two very different "vacant positions", joking that he may introduce two separate and clearly marked application forms.

He claimed that every minute, girls are "trying to be cute" in his Instagram DMs… who then will add moments later: "just checking if you got my application for the job?"

Matt also revealed to us that one of his main motivations for making a lot of money was to one day support a big family.

"I wanna have at least five kids," he declared, completely serious. "But what I would really love is eight."

You have until the end of May to apply here!

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