McDonald's Christmas Menu 2021: we tried everything including festive burger and camembert bites and here's the verdict

CHRISTMAS is coming – and that means McDonald’s festive menu is nearly here. 

This year the fast food chain is bringing out two new burgers – the festive stack and crispy chicken. 

I went down to Maccie’s London HQ in East Finchley to try out the new menu before it hits restaurants next Wednesday. 

The burger giant has also brought back its cheese melt dippers this year. 

While festive pie (which is a Christmassy apple pie, filled with sweet mincemeat) returns for the first time since 2016.

Maccies Christmas menu launches on Wednesday November 17, and will be available for six weeks. 

If you're keen to try out the new menu next week, see where your nearest McDonald's is by using the online finder tool.

Here’s my verdict.

Festive stack burger – £4.89 on its own, £6.39 as a meal

Last year, McDonald’s just had a double Big Mac as its festive burger – and while I’m sure that was nice, it doesn’t scream Christmas. 

This year the chain has tried a bit harder and come up with a new burger for Christmas 2021.

The festive stack burger’s patties were thicker and juicer than a Big Mac, and the classic sauce was replaced with festive flavours.

You can really taste all the elements of the burger and all the flavours go well together: the red onion relish, white cheese sauce, bacon and cheddar 

It feels like a step above Maccies standard menu, because the bread is sturdier and holds the filling properly – although there was some unavoidable spillage.

It makes a really nice festive sandwich without going overboard – which is a fine line to walk. 

Festive crispy chicken – £4.89 on its own, £6.39 as a meal

Chicken Legend fans might be disappointed to hear the popular item is off the menu until January, but they’ve been catered for with this new festive version.

Although it is a bit more premium than the fast food classic.

Watching workers at McDonald’s HQ build the chicken burger, I noticed that the breaded chicken looked really juicy and it’s definitely not a miserable portion. 

After a few bites though it did start to feel a little dry, so maybe some extra sauce or a gravy would have made a nice addition. 

Cheese melt dippers – £1.89 for six, £5.09 for sharebox

My personal favourite on the menu was the cheese melt dippers, which look like chicken nuggets but are actually chunks of deep fried cheese in a light breadcrumb coating.

I loved that McDonald’s chose camembert because they stayed nice and creamy even when they’d cooled down slightly.

It also makes a change from mozzarella sticks, which, while delicious, have the tendency to be a bit rubbery sometimes., 

I really associate a baked camembert with Christmas time – so I think it works really well as part of the festive menu. 

Festive pie – £1.19

Even though mince pies are a Christmas classic, not everyone’s a fan.

I wasn’t sure whether I would like this festive version of McDonald’s classic apple pie because it sounded super sweet.

But while the fruity mincemeat was very sugary, the creamy custard calmed it down a bit and made a really nice combination. 

There’s also a nice snap on the sugar coated pastry, and the contents were piping hot – perfect for warming up on a crisp winter night. 

The fast food chain has also announced two festive hot drinks which are already available to buy in restaurants.

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