Meghan Markle Admits to Paris Hilton She Used to Judge Her As They Explore 'Bimbo' Stereotype

Hilton says she was built into a "rich, dumb blonde" character while starring with Nicole Richie in "The Simple Life"

Meghan Markle admits she had to let go of her preconceived notions about Paris Hilton.

The 41-year-old heiress appeared on the sixth episode of Markle’s “Archetypes with Meghan” podcast to debunk the “bimbo” stereotype.

Markle confessed that she had made judgements about Paris and her struggles because of her extravagant on-screen persona. “While I’m embarrassed to admit it, I had a judgment about Paris. And I don’t like having judgment — doesn’t feel good,” she explained. “But I had to be real about that because when I grew up, she was beautiful, rich and famous. What could possibly be wrong with her life?”

Hilton then opened up about being built into a “rich, dumb blonde” character while starring alongside Nicole Richie for their reality show, “The Simple Life.” She revealed that producers made Nicole out to be the “the troublemaker” and Paris to be, well, “rich, dumb blonde”.

Throughout her career, Paris would play into the “dumb blonde” character frequently in shows and interviews.

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“So, I almost got like stuck and lost in the character where I, at some points, it was like the lines got blurred or I, it’s like, I forgot who I was,” she confessed. “And I don’t know, makes me sad because I used to be such a free spirit, and I was just so like, I don’t know, just like, not so closed off.”

Paris actually described herself as “shy,” “a tomboy” and “an undercover nerd.” The reality star also spoke about moving away from the public misconceptions with her mission to change child abuse laws, “Now I’m pushing for federal legislation and going to D.C. and yeah, it’s just been so empowering. Just really turn my pain into a purpose.”

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She referenced her experience as a victim of abuse, “And I almost think that maybe God made me go through this and gave me this special gift so that one day I could be the hero that I needed when I was a little girl and help save these children from having to go through the torture that myself and so many others went through.”

She added that she was opening up about these “painful moments” to “heal and help put an end to this abuse.”

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