Mercury Retrograde dates 2021: When is Mercury Retrograde this year?

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Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion in the sky where the planet Mercury appears to move backwards. Other planets go retrograde too at some point in the year, but this retrograde is famous for causing chaos. When is Mercury Retrograde this year?

Mercury Retrograde normally happens three or four times a year, and luckily we only get three cycles in 2021.

Astrology-lovers will tell you all about how awful Mercury Retrograde is, but you can get through it with ease if you change the way you behave.

That’s why it’s super helpful to know when Mercury Retrograde is coming in 2021 and what sign it is in.

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Why does Mercury Retrograde happen?

In reality, Mercury is not actually moving backwards… it just looks like it.

Astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology) explained: “The planets orbiting the Sun all move in the same direction but because of the shape of their orbits and because the speed at which we move around the sun differs sometimes it appears that a planet is moving backwards in the sky.

“It’s like when two trains are travelling next to one another and the one going slower appears to be going backwards

“They are both moving forwards but one is not moving as fast.”

What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

Your Mercury Retrograde experience will differ depending on your own star sign and natal chart, as well as what sign Mercury is moving through.

In general, Mercury Retrograde is a time where lots of drama, miscommunication, mishaps, and faults in technology tend to happen.

That’s because Mercury – which is named after the Roman deity who was a messenger to the Gods – is the planet of communication, travel, technology and exchange of information.

Mercury has a say in how we communicate what we are thinking and how we process the words of others.

The planet rules Gemini and Virgo, so when it is directly in these signs in particular things will be running smoothly.

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So what happens when Mercury is moving backwards?

Francesca said: “Mercury is the God attributed to governing the postal system, bicycles, short distance travel, communication, journalism and mobile phones… amongst many other things!

“When he goes retrograde Mercury is said to go into trickster mode and all sorts of miscommunications, disruptions and delays can occur.”

During Mercury Retrograde, it’s very important to watch what you say via speech, text, email, phone- any form of communication.

You should also be prepared for technological mishaps, so avoid buying a new phone or laptop during this time.

Even though we can’t go anywhere at the moment, travel will be even more screwed up than usual.

If you are going somewhere, leave early in preparation for delays, traffic jams, or getting lost.

Like anything else in astrology, Mercury Retrograde is up for interpretation and can be flipped on its head.

Make Mercury Retrograde easier by declining invitations and being very mindful.

Francesca said: “It is a fabulous time to slow down, do less and accept the delays with technology and communication.

“Enjoy the surprises and leave more time for coincidences to emerge.”

When is Mercury Retrograde this year? What signs are they in?

The first Mercury Retrograde cycle in 2021 is between January 30 and February 20 and it’s in Aquarius.

The second starts on May 29 and ends on June 22 and it’s in Gemini.

The third is between September 27 and October 18, and it’s in Libra.

That’s right, all three Mercury Retrogrades are in air signs.

The themes surrounding an Aquarian Mercury Retrograde in January and February are forgetfulness and lack of communication.

We all know that Aquarians can be very independent, aloof, and so concerned with humanitarianism that they forget to stay in touch with friends and family.

During the Retrograde this is doubly true for people of every sign, so try not to go totally off the grid and let your loved ones know you are okay.

The second Retrograde in Gemini could encourage you to go back to an ex, cheat, text the wrong person something embarrassing or reveal secrets.

To avoid this, stay low key during this May-June retrograde, double-check everything you send, and reflect on what you really want in your life in terms of relationships and romance.

The final Retrograde in Libra in September and October could also encourage a resurgence of feelings for someone toxic – but don’t fall into the temptation.

Pamper yourself, stay away from social media, and have some quality time with friends and family instead.

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