Mike Tindalls behaviour may spark jealousy but Zara is confident

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A relationship expert exclusively talked to Express.co.uk about how Zara and Mike may be coping with the time apart and analysed how to relationship may change after Mike takes part in the reality show.

Mairead Molloy, relationship expert and global director at Berkeley International, believed Mike and Zara’s relationship “will be absolutely fine” as they spend time away from each other.

She explained: “He’s a real Viking of a man and a naturally strong Darwinian leader – I’d love it if he won! The couple will be good at compartmentalising their time away from each other and finding ways to deal with it individually.”

Mairead commented Mike is often away for weeks and Zara is used to her husband spending time abroad due to his career as a professional rugby player.

On the reality show, Mike “is already being himself, which shows,” the expert said. “He’s comfortable in himself” leading to him and Zara “being confident in the marriage”.

Another relationship expert, Charlotte Johnson from Mega Pleasure, said Mike “has already spoken of his relationship twice on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, sharing his stories of their first date, child labour and insights of dating a royal”.

“As we only see around an hour and a half of the show a day, the producers will want to make sure that they include the best bits, including any controversial or juicy insights, that they think the audience will enjoy the most.”

For Zara, “watching her partner every night in a different environment surrounded by all types of people and characteristics” could be strange.

The expert explained: “She might start to see him in a different light, but this doesn’t mean we need to be worried about their relationship.”

Charlotte continued: “What we do know is that by watching how your partner may approach certain situations, it can increase how much you miss them, and sometimes even question their judgement and attitude.”

Being apart from a husband or wife for a long period of time and watching their life on TV, can ultimately “be very challenging”, she said.

However, if you trust your partner then “there’s no need for jealousy to arise,” the expert explained.

Before entering the jungle, Mike was captured being “playful” with a crew member which “could potentially spark a sense of jealousy for Zara,” she commented.

Charlotte explained feeling jealous is “a completely normal feeling and actually demonstrates that your feelings are genuine towards your partner”.

“As we can guess, it is not a nice image to see, adding to how much you’ll miss your partner, but images can be portrayed in the media as something they are not.”

Zara and Mike have been together for over 11 years and have three children together: Mia, Lena and Lucas.

“This should not affect the relationship as long as Zara is trusting of Mike and comforted by his actions, then these images of him being playful with the crew should not concern her,” the expert concluded.

Mike married royal Zara Tindall in 2011, and in January 2013 they sold their house and moved into the Gatcombe estate in order to be close to Zara’s mother, Princess Anne.

Gatcombe estate, in Gloucestershire, is the Princess Royal’s grand country residence.

On the reality show, Mike explained how he and Zara met: “I was at the World Cup, she was out watching. I got dropped from the semi-final.

“I was [expletive] off and so I went for a beer with another guy who got dropped and a guy who was over [in Sydney]. They’d met her before and they introduced us and then got chatting from there.”

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