Miss BumBum star Suzy Cortez launches nude yoga class to help women boost libido

Miss BumBum star Suzy Cortez isn’t afraid to flaunt her figure.

The 31-year-old, from Brazil, beat 15 finalists and 500 entrants to win the big booty pageant back in 2015.

And now, she’s putting her famous curves to work again by launching a naked yoga business.

Suzy is using OnlyFans to show women how stretching in the buff can boost their self-esteem and sex drive.

She also believes it’s empowering for female fans as it puts focus on their pleasure rather than their partners’.

Speaking about her venture on the adults only subscription site, Suzy said: “I learned better about how naked yoga works and it has helped me improve my libido. I can help other women.”

The Miss BumBum winner believes her content will be beneficial to men too.

She explained: “I want men to understand the technique so they don't just satisfy themselves.”

Suzy’s OnlyFans career has proven lucrative.

She boasts more than 134,000 likes on the platform, where she has posted 26 times.

Fans pay $5 (around £3.70) a month to view her saucy content, which really adds up when thousands subscribe.

Last year, Suzy revealed she was on track to earn £192,000 a month from OnlyFans.

She told the Daily Star: “The photos and videos I use for my account are the same as the ones I do for Playboy and my fans on here always respect me and never cross the line.

“My fans are from all over the world and on my social networks there are millions and sadly I can’t always talk to everyone, but on OnlyFans I can speak to them.

“There are lingerie, bikini and nude photoshoots and I have the option of the fan asking for the photoshoot theme.

“My fans are the best in the world and they’re always very affectionate to me, but there are always a sassy ones too.”

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