Model says DDD boobs stop her from sleeping on front & she cant wait to get rid

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    One former Playboy star confessed her DDD boobs feel like having "two babies" living on her chest – and she "can't wait" to get rid of them.

    Zoe Gregory worked as a Page 3 girl before fleeing the UK for the US, where she moved into the Playboy mansion and began dating Hugh Hefner, who paid for her second set of breast implants.

    Now she runs a successful X-rated OnlyFans and works in the adult film industry, where, she says, bigger is better.

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    Zoe saved up her income support allowance to afford her first ever boob job, opting for B-cup implants as she "didn't have enough skin" to go any bigger.

    Over in the US, Hef gifted her a pair of C-cups, before she finally went all the way up to a triple D after getting into the film industry.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Zoe confessed: "These DDD ones are massive. They've stretched out my whole chest, I've got no room for anything.

    "Not only can I not run anymore because they’re so f***ing heavy, I can't sleep on my tummy.

    "I was a tummy sleeper all my life, so I'm pretty gutted about that. But there are pros and cons to having really big, gigantic ones.

    "I can't sprint like I used to, I had to give up running," she explained.

    This time, Zoe opted for saline implants after ditching the silicone C-cups, which are "a lot firmer" and avoid rippling when she bends over – but are also a lot less flexible.

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    Now the star intends to ditch her big boobs as soon as she's done filming her X-rated shoots.

    "I don't think I can live with these," she said. "They're annoying, they're in the way every day, so I think after this I'll go smaller.

    "They look good but they don’t feel great. I feel like I’ve got two babies on my chest because they’re nearly five pounds each. It’s f***ing heavy!"

    After ditching her mid-size boobs, Zoe is flogging the implants Hef bought for her on eBay – along with a dinner date.

    Eager buyers can snap up her old boobs for as little as £5,000 – but it'll cost an extra £2,000 for a date with Zoe.


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