Model trained as teacher but turned to adult industry as she had to be paid

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Model Lacey London has opened up on how she got into the adult industry.

The 26-year-old stunner, who is based in Denver Colorado, said she trained to be a teacher – the career she'd always wanted to do.

However, she admitted she ditched her teaching dream for an X-rated career as she "needed to be paid".

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Lacey said was absolutely gutted when she "realised there was no money" in teaching.

She told us: "I wanted to be a teacher, but then I realised there was no money in it.

"I still had to be paid and I didn't know what to do – I had gone to a top school to get an English degree."

Lacey said she picked up job as a personal assistant in a porn agency to make ends meet, which is where her journey into the adult industry began.

"I used to watch all the girls who were situations like me come in – they'd have no money and were from a poor state," she said.

"In a year they were changing their lives – they had homes, a business, I wanted to do that."

That's when Lacey started porn – back in 2017 – with the adult star also creating her OnlyFans account at the same time.

As well as her adult career, she has also invested in crypto-currency, which she thinks is the "way forward" for the industry.

This is due to the fact that many credit card companies increasing have a chokehold over adult content creators as they tighten their policies on what is accepted.

Lacey told us: "The adult industry needs to move to blockchain. It's important to track how much money you have and where it's come from.

"We can see all of that with blockchain. You can tell how many times it's been sold, who to, and how much for.

"That's something the adult industry hasn't had."

Lacey is now using, a blockchain-based fan club platform similar to OnlyFans.

The model revealed she ditched OnlyFans back in August after the site announced that it was banning "sexually explicit content".

Lacey said she had to remove thousands of pictures and videos off of OnlyFans after the announcement.

This was before the company did a U-turn by suspending the scheduled porn ban.

Talking about the treatment of adult content creators on OnlyFans, Lacey fumed: "We dealt with all sorts of things for about a year.

"They say certain things are not allowed and we had to delete those.

"You didn't need verification process and then you did."

However, talking about her experience of Nafty so far, Lacey admits it's been "great".

She encouraged models who are worried about OnlyFans to create their own website.

She advised: "Ladies don't be scared, be focused. Get a website up for yourself, make your website de-centralised, come to Nafty we can help you."

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