Morrisons shoppers ‘delighted’ with milk packaging change – ‘It’s the way to go’

Morrisons details their community support programmes

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As part of the supermarket giant plans to reduce the use of plastic and carbon dioxide emissions, reintroducing glass milk bottles is just one way Morrisons is helping to reduce their footprint. The retailer has said that the change is expected to remove 40,000 plastic bottles from stores per year. 

The trial is a partnership with local dairy farmers who will be able to collect the bottles and sanitise them.

They can then be reused for 10 or more years.

Delivery from local suppliers also means the milk will cover shorter distances.

The bottles hold a pint of milk and will be priced at 90p.

Packaging Manager, Natasha Cook said: “We want to help our customers live their lives with less plastic.

“Reusing milk bottles is an easy leap for many people to make because they remember that this was how milk used to arrive on the doorstep.

“We’re currently talking to other local dairies and hope to be able to roll out glass milk bottles across the country.”

Many shoppers took to social media to share their thoughts on the huge change being rolled into some stores.

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One customer wrote: “Got to say, Morrisons just keeps getting better. First paper bags for veg, now glass bottles for milk.”

Another said: “I was delighted to see Morrisons bringing back milk glass bottles, it should be mainstream.”

“It’s the way to go, other supermarkets should follow in their footsteps,” a third tweeted.

Another customer explained: “I can’t wait to be able to pick these up, turning back the clock.”

One shopper tweeted: “I miss the taste of milk in a glass bottle, so much more flavour.”

Others had several questions regarding the system.

One person asked: “Does this mean you have to return the milk bottle to store? What if I choose to go to another shop?”

Another said: “I have young children so I’m not sure how well this will work, great initiative though.”

The glass milk bottles are already in seven stores across the Kent region and four in Sheffield. 

Steve Hynd, Policy Manager from environment organisation City to Seam said: “Milk is a prime example of a product that could and should be swapped from single-use plastic bottles to planet friendly reusable bottles.

“It is great to see Morrisons pioneering the process of delivering milk in reusable bottles in supermarket stores.

“We know this move is popular, with three out of four people telling us they want more refill options in shops as a way of tacking plastic pollution.

“This is Morrisons doing not only what is right for the planet but also what their customers are telling us they want to see.”

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