MTV Already Has A Plan To Replace Jenelle Evans On ‘Teen Mom 2’: She Had Been ‘Hanging By A Thread’

Jenelle Evans has been let go from ‘Teen Mom 2’ following her husband killing her dog Nugget – but according to an MTV source, it was just the final straw for Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans, 27, hasn’t filmed for Teen Mom 2 since April 6, according to an MTV spokesperson, and her latest scandal with husband David Eason, 30, killing her dog Nugget wasn’t the only thing landing her in hot water with her standing on the show. A source close to MTV EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, “Jenelle was already hanging by a thread before the Nugget incident, this really just pushed her over the edge. She has been too controversial for MTV and challenging for fans for a long time. She has a polarizing family and unfortunately, because of David, a lot of fans have not liked her for a long time. The horrific Nugget incident just sealed the deal and forced the network to make the move in a new direction.”

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