Mum uses breast milk to cook for entire family and makes ‘the best scones

On the social media platform Mumsnet, a woman asked other users if they had ever cooked with breast milk and hundreds of mums admitted using their own breast milk in everyday foods and recipes.

A woman named Melody explained she made a “mini rice pudding with sultanas and nutmeg and breast milk,” and her son absolutely “loved it”.

Another one with username @BroccoliSpears said she used to cook with breast milk for her daughter when “she was very first trying solids”.

She also admitted: “I also used to whip a b** out and express straight into the pan sometimes. I’m not an organised person.”

Others said they cook with breast milk for the entire family, including their husbands.

Lyra explained she adds it in “any mashed veggies” and she also makes “cheese sauce, pancakes, porridge and scrambled egg” with breast milk.

Another one said she uses her breast milk to cook “all the time”. “I used to just whip them out and milk myself into the porridge or whatever needed some milk”.

Another forum user explained she made “a rice pudding with strawberry puree” as her son refused to drink from a bottle and she didn’t want to waste her breast milk.

Mumsnet user @hairycaterpillar added: “I have made cheese sauce and once had scones made with breast milk.”

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She said they were “the best scones I have ever tasted,” and another mum recommended making butter with breast milk.

Jenkeywoo explained: “It was a beautiful pale white and tasted very mild. I gave some to my husband on toast and he didn’t object to the taste – ok so he didn’t know what he was eating…”

She even shared the recipe saying: “Breast milk in a glass jar, shake until butter forms in little pat, pour off liquid.”

“My friend who had over-pumped by pints made a stack of Creme Brulee,” @longlegted commented.

Another woman, Naetha, admitted she is occasionally tempted to add breast milk to her husband’s tea and “see if he notices”.

Others, however, said they have tried it and it “doesn’t taste good” in certain drinks. @cmotdibbler explained: “It doesn’t taste good in coffee.

“My mad mum once put some breast milk in her coffee as the hotel room had run out of milk. Far too sweet for either of us!”

Experts from the parenting site Mylittlemoppet explained that it is safe to cook with breast milk and “most recipes will taste just as well by substituting cow’s milk with breast milk”.

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