My N-cup boobs are the biggest in Finland – I can rest a coffee cup on them

A social media influencer says her breasts are so big she can 'rest a coffee cup on them'.

Model Sonja Kirstiina has spent more than £34,315 on her 'biggest assets' – her two-litre (2900cc) breasts which equate to an N-cup.

She says splashing out has been worth it – as she believes she's got the biggest boobs in Finland.

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Showing off her chest in tight tops and skimpy bikinis has helped this mum-of-one amass a staggering following of more than 800,000 fans across sites like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

Known as Mrs Ornament, Sonja isn't shy to answer raunchy questions from her followers, including men and women, or openly discuss her many plastic surgeries.

Talking about her journey to stardom, the 35-year-old explained getting such colossal breast implants was no small endeavour.

It took some serious sleuthing to find the right surgeons for the job.

With the unwavering support of her husband and the skilled hands of finest surgeons, Sonja's dream of having a larger-than-life chest became a reality over several years of operations.

"When I was a young girl growing up in the '90s, I was totally inspired by those glamorous women I saw on the covers of men's magazines," she said.

"I was like, 'Wow, I want to look just as beautiful as them!'

"That idea of beauty stuck with me throughout the years"

Sonja, who underwent her first breast surgery at 18, was a B-cup before.

But she felt she was "too small-chested" at the time.

While she was happy with the results of the first operation, she still didn't think my breasts were big enough.

Wanting even more volume, Sonja continued going under the knife until she was finally 'content' with her breast size.

"I've undergone seven different breast procedures since, including augmentations," she said.

"Aside from those surgical treatments, I've undergone several other cosmetic procedures.

"One was to repair the pregnancy-related tears in my abdominal muscles, and the other was to tighten the skin that had become lax on my stomach.

"In addition to that, I had liposuction done all the way around my body. The current size of my cup is an N cup."

Sonja, who can balance a coffee cup on her chest, has confessed that having larger breasts does present some difficulties in her day-to-day existence – even though she adores her busty cleavage.

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"I can't sleep on my stomach comfortably anymore, and it's a struggle to find clothes that fit well without requiring any adjustments," she added.

However, Sonja emphasised that she would "go even bigger" if she had the opportunity.

"My only regret is not having my breasts enlarged to the size they are now from the start," she admitted.

"I wish they were always this big, but after suffering a health scare after my last breast surgery, it's just too risky to continue having more procedures done."

While openly proud of undergoing cosmetic surgeries, Sonja appreciates all body types.

She truly champions embracing diversity and appreciating the unique beauty of all shapes and sizes.

"I genuinely believe that everybody can be beautiful and sexy in their own way," she added.

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