My old teacher said Id go nowhere – but now he pays thousands for my OnlyFans

A model claims that a former secondary school teacher of hers who told her she'd "go nowhere in life" is now paying thousands to subscribe to her OnlyFans account.

Vera Dijkmans, 22, from the Netherlands, said he has even sent her £1,000 for a one-off lingerie snap.

The beauty joined the adult site back in 2020 and is now making £300,000 a month.

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She has 5.6 million followers on Instagram (@veradijkmans) and tons of OnlyFans subscribers, however, she recently noticed a familiar face among her follower list.

Initially, she brushed off the coincidence, however weeks later, the stranger (who wasn't a stranger at all) messaged her directly, with model claiming it was her former teacher.

"He tried to keep his identity hidden but I recognised his face and realised it was my old school teacher," Vera said.

"Back then, he treated me like any other student but we didn't get along – he told me I wouldn't go anywhere in life.

"And I actually dropped out of high school soon after when I was 15.

“That's why I was so surprised to see him on my followers list – he’s now one of my biggest fans."

Vera said she found it strange to begin with.

“At first, I was extremely uncomfortable," she said.

“I found it so shocking because back in school, I remember him being very strict and I never got the impression that he liked me as a student, let alone like this.

“It's even weirder because he told me he had seen me grow as a person on social media and as he got more and more intrigued, he wanted to reach out."

Vera said that the first time the man messaged her he 'tried not to act like he was her teacher'.

She said this led to her asking.

“I think he was hesitant at first, but he later admitted it," she said.

“He did this by sending me a £1,000 tip for a sexy lingerie picture – I couldn’t believe it!”

Vera admitted she "enjoyed school"; during her teen years, she was relentlessly bullied for having a big bum, which wreaked havoc on her confidence.

Although she wants to leave those memories behind, the model is thrilled that the table have turned – now making a fortune from the body she was once ridiculed for.

And not only has her former teacher signed up to her OnlyFans account but her former work colleagues have too.

Before modelling she worked as a waitress, earning between £6-£8 an hour.

Vera said she always dreamt of being a professional dancer and in year, she moved to Los Angeles to find new opportunities.

She attended dance classes at some of California's top performing arts schools and was introduced to renowned photographers.

Vera was soon inspired to get in front of the camera and decided she wanted to pursue a career in modelling.

She added: “At that time, I also met a lot of famous photographers who made me realise I wanted to change my career plans and start modelling.

"After that it took me about 2 years to grow my Instagram following and get to 1.4m followers.”

She heard about OnlyFans through her friends and signed up to the site in 2019.

Vera said: "I joined OnlyFans as a way to become financially independent".

"I like being my own boss and being able to work anywhere".

“I have always had a bigger bottom, before it was cool to have a big butt so my classmates used to make fun of me for it by calling me names.

“Now I make a lot of money because of it!"

Vera said she's got "really confident" over the years and stopped caring about what her ex-classmates and former associates thought of her.

“I have always been fully confident in my potential and ambitions, and I knew what I wanted out of life," she said.

“Right now I make about $300,000 a month.

“Not only does my school teacher subscribe to me, but so do ex-colleagues.

“I now have a lot of freedom, which is the best part of it.

"And finally I have my revenge on the people who never believed in me."


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