My sister didn't invite my girlfriend's kids to her wedding and row is toxic

DEAR DEIDRE: MY sister didn’t invite my girlfriend’s children to her wedding and it has all kicked off.

My girlfriend already had three children when we met and we have just had a baby boy together. My girlfriend is 37 and I’m 34.

My parents didn’t accept my girlfriend for a while. They felt it wouldn’t last because of the children. But I love her kids. They see their dad regularly too.

Things were just getting better between us all when the wedding invitation arrived for just my girlfriend, our son and me – not her children.

My girlfriend now says she doesn’t want anything to do with my family.

I love her and don’t want to have to choose between her and my family.

DEIDRE SAYS: Ask your girlfriend not to create a rift. Your sister has invited her, after all, and many couples prefer their wedding to be an adult occasion.

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Explain to your girlfriend that it isn’t personal and is probably just down to cost.

Tell her it’s important for you that she shows she’s now part of your family, while her children enjoy some quality time with their dad.

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