New York will start scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for education and public transit workers on Monday

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday the state will start scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for the next group of people on Monday. That includes first responders, education workers and public transit workers. People 75 and older and public safety workers, will also be eligible to start making appointments for vaccinations.

“We’re gonna have thousands of providers coming online next week,” Cuomo said Friday at a coronavirus briefing. “Monday basically is when the registration website will open to make an appointment.”

Starting Monday, NYS will begin scheduling vaccinations for the next group of people (Phase 1b):

-People age 75+
-Education workers
-First responders (police, fire)
-Public transit workers
-Public safety workers

Sites will include pharmacies, drs’ offices, Javits Center & more.

New York City is currently in Phase 1A, which means only front line hospital workers and people in nursing homes can be vaccinated. The next step opens scheduling for Phase 1B. Together, the phases include four million people, according to the governor.

Cuomo urged people to be prepared for wide scheduling timelines, given the limited vaccine supply, and said some may not be able to get appointments for three months or longer.

Some perspective:

Without increased supply we expect it will take 14 weeks to vaccinate the Phase 1a and 1b groups.

That would take us to April 16.

We MUST continue being cautious.

Wear a mask. Social distance. Be smart.

Cuomo also said hospitals must continue to prioritize health care workers for vaccinations: “They are far from done,” he added.

“We are dependent on the supply,” the governor said. “I’m working closely with the Biden administration. They are working on accelerating the supply. That is great news, and the more we get, the more we transfer.”

Three thousand vaccine distribution locations will be available across the state “in a couple of weeks,” Cuomo said, but none of them will have “nearly enough” vaccines to meet demand.

More than 8,500 New Yorkers were hospitalized with the virus as of Friday, and 18,832 new cases were reported. The governor said 161 more people have died due to the virus.

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