Nigella Lawson coins ‘#fattenthecurve’ trend as she jokes about binge-eating chocolate in self-isolation

When you're stuck in self-isolation and distancing yourself from others it's no surprise that many of us are turning to food for comfort at the height of boredom.

Over on social media people have been joking about how they've already eaten their quarantine snacks in just a couple of days, while many others who have found themselves aimlessly wandering around their house have been raiding their cupboards for food.

Even one of the most popular TV chefs of our time Nigella Lawson isn't immune to the call of the snack and revealed that she had been gorging on a bar of chocolate a day.

"All I can do is eat chocolate at the moment. I’m on a 250g bar a night at the moment. And rising," she tweeted late Saturday evening.

Many of her followers agreed they were finding it hard to resist the temptation to soothe their stress levels among the coronovirus crisis, with the tasty treat.

Shortly after the TV cook, who is known for her sultry approach to cooking, reposted her original tweet about eating a share size bar of chocolate, along with the hashtag #fattenthecurve.

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It quickly started trending and others began to share their overindulgences: "Chocolate is the solution to any problem, as long as you define the problem correctly."

"Staying home eating chocolate saves lives," added another person in response.

"I’m on a pack of Ritter Sport Salted Almond and a quarter bottle of gin per night. So far so good," wrote one person of their struggles.

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While we don't recommend overeating, others agreed it was a good approach to the Covid-19 panic, adding: "And another bundt. Because I am going to eat my way out of this pandemic."

The "fattenthecurve" hashtag is a play on the phrase "flatten the curve" which has been mentioned as an approach to reducing the number of cases of coronavirus in the UK with the help of social distancing and self-isolation at home.

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