Obama Launched A New Fund To Help Democrats Beat Trump In 2020

After a short hiatus once his presidency ended, Barack Obama jumped back into the political sphere, and he’s ramping up efforts to unite the Democratic Party ahead of 2020. Though he’s been vocal when it comes to certain Trump administration policies, he’s still managed to rarely mention the current president by name. Now, Obama is launching a DNC unity fund to support his party’s 2020 nominee and help them beat Trump in the general election.

"I’m excited that the DNC asked me to announce a bold new effort: The Democratic Unity Fund," Obama said in a Democratic National Committee email sent out on Friday. "Launching today, the fund will be dedicated to electing our party’s eventual presidential nominee and winning up and down the ballot in 2020."

Democrats "set a new standard at the ballot box" during the 2018 midterms, Obama wrote. They shattered voter turnout records while putting forth a diverse field of candidates who "better reflect the America we see in our communities and workplaces every day." The Democratic Unity Fund aims to build on that momentum and further unite the Democratic Party, Obama explained, because "the stakes couldn’t be higher" in 2020.

"The Democratic Unity Fund is a promise that whoever earns our nomination, he or she will have a strong, united, and well-organized DNC ready to spring into action the moment the general election starts — a DNC that’s ready to lift us all to victory in November," Obama wrote.

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