Organization expert reveals the four closet hacks that added tons of space to her tiny Manhattan apartment

AN ORGANIZATION expert revealed the four closet hacks that added tons of space to her tiny Manhattan apartment.

Leah Mari had just moved into her West Village place when she realized that the closet would not be enough to hold her extensive wardrobe.

In a TikTok video, Leah showed how she added tons of space to her tiny closet, transforming the space completely.

The first thing she did was get rid of clothes she no longer used or needed before categorizing them into tee-shirts, pants and leggings, and clothes she used daily.

She folded these neatly before placing them into a new dresser, her second closet hack, that she had purchased to make up for the lack of room.

And because there was enough space inside her tiny walk-in space, she pushed the dresser against an empty wall to free up room in her bedroom.

The TikTok star then built a white shelf that she fit underneath her hanging clothes.

She would use this to stack her shoes and bags, making good use of the empty vertical space underneath the closet bars.

And as a fourth hack, she purchased velvet (or felt) hangers and removable clips.

This would ensure that she was using the hangers to their maximum potential by hanging both a shirt and a skirt or pants in the same spot.

She further suggested that people should bring all of their things into their new living spaces.

If they did not have room for a few of their times, this meant that they might not be necessary and they could either get rid of them or donate them.

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