People are confused about the dummy Haribo but fans explain fun baby trick

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There are somethings in life that everyone thinks is common knowledge until something happens which brings to light that it's not.

For example, it seems that a lot of Brits have been left confused about a particular sweet in Hairbo Tangfastics.

The dummy sweets which are sour and sugary have been mistaken for years for a variety of weird objects from keys to rings.

And, a debate over whether they really were dummies was started on a family-friendly Facebook group.

One woman posted to “settle a debate” between her and her husband.

She asked what people thought the sweet was meant to represent – and people has some bizarre notions.

One person commented: “Growing up I always thought it was the spaceship on button moon."

Another said: “I always thought it was a key?"

A tennis racquet and a ring were also options.

Scores of others also insisted it was a key while others said that it was a dummy.

One person commented: “Dummies, it says so on their packaging…”

And, some posters claimed that the dummy was confusing because it hadn’t yet been converted into its final form.

One person said: “You’re supposed to tuck the long bit through the hole… it’s a dummy.”

Over open TikTok people have demonstrated what this means by tucking the long section into the hole and pulling it through before sucking on the dummy.

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Huh, who’d have thought it…

What have you always believed this sweet represents? Tell us in the comments section down below…

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