People are kicking off over the 'rude' design of this llama toy

People commented to call the llama ‘rude’, while some said we shouldn’t be bothered by a toy representation of a normal part of the body.

One person wondered whether the area was designed to store treats for a pooch.

We would love to say the llama is a statement on vulva positivity and body image, but we really do think that pink folded area is just the little llama’s tail. Sorry, all.

We approached Kmart to ask about the design, but they haven’t got back to us yet.

On the website the product description says the llama is ‘sure to be your furry pal’s favourite plaything.’

Kmart also sells a llama toy for children, which doesn’t include the genital-esque tail. Sad times.

If you fancy buying your dog an anatomically detailed stuffed llama, it’s available for $9 (around £7) online.

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