People share their amusing and awkward Christmas fails

‘Tis the season for disappointment! People share their amusing and awkward Christmas fails – including phallic stockings, running out of wrapping paper and baking disasters

  • People from around the world shared amusing and awkward Christmas fails 
  • These included burnt desserts, phallic stocking and wrapping disasters
  • Many said in a year like no other, things can still go horribly wrong in the holidays

Christmas cheer can show itself in the form of a well-decorated tree, a lovingly made pavlova or a a thoughtful card or present for someone you love.

But not everyone who goes out to create joy nails the task, with some accidentally ruining desserts, haphazardly wrapping presents and knocking over Christmas trees.

After a year like no other, people from around the world have shared their hilarious and awkward Christmas fails – which are a reminder that even when you plan things can go horribly wrong. 

People have shared their Christmas Day fails, including naughty dogs (pictured) who tore down Christmas trees and ate all of the festive goodies

Many shared snaps of their baking fails, writing ‘I am not much of a baker. Decided to get one of those pre-made kits and decorate it, how hard could it be? Turns out really hard’ (pictured)

One woman shared a photo of her burnt dessert (pictured) and lamented that she wouldn’t be able to serve it to any guest

Many said wrapping was one of the biggest areas for error, with thousands both running out of paper and not having the skills needed to wrap their gifts (pictured)

‘I’m really, really horrible at wrapping presents, in case that wasn’t obvious,’ one man posted alongside a snap of his gifts (pictured)

Some shared photos of their tangled-up Christmas lights (pictured), which they hadn’t sorted from the year before

One man posted: ‘That time of year again, where you remember your four-year-old daughter’s Christmas stocking has a penis on it’ alongside a photo of her stocking

Some said they were jealous of others who had a ‘perfectly-organised tree and everything wrapped’, while they struggled on with a ‘frumpy’ decoration

Naughty dogs and fallen trees were a theme of 2020, with many sharing photos of their festive decorations gone wrong (pictured)

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