Photographer takes stunning portraits of black cats and dogs to find them homes

Cats and dogs with black fur are gorgeous – but not everyone appreciates them.

Animals with black fur are less likely to be adopted from shelters, for muddled reasons including superstitions and people thinking it’s tricky to photograph cats and dogs with darker coats.

It’s a massive shame, because there are some lovely cats and dogs out there who aren’t getting the loving homes they deserve, simply because of the colour of their fur.

Photographer Emma O’Brien wants to show people the beauty of these adorable creatures.

In her Black Rescue Series, she photographed rescued black cats and dogs from Johannesburg, to show how wonderful these animals are.

Emma explains: ‘Black dogs and cats get a raw deal when it comes to being unwanted.

‘Ending up at a shelter is bad news for any animal, but black critters are the least likely to be adopted and if they are lucky enough to be chosen by an adoptee, they will have waited the longest.

‘I’ve done a bit of research on this and there seem to be four major reasons that black dogs and cats are last on the list for potential adoptees – firstly, they don’t photograph well (I think these images disprove that point) which is tragic if you want to take over Instagram with your new pet (repeatedly smacks forehead against wall), secondly, black dogs can look intimidating and aggressive, thirdly, black cats are superstitiously unlucky (or should that be stupid-stitiously) and lastly, they are a bit plain and boring to look at………

‘So, because I’m a fan of championing the underdog (and cat), these images are my PR stunt to show that black dogs and cats are far from boring.’


‘As crazy as she looks. Once used a set of toddlers as skittles. Claims it was a total accident.’



‘Only wears Gucci. Anxiously waiting for a Net-A-Porter delivery that’s taking forever to arrive.’



‘Lost his eye whilst on a secret mission for MI5. Keeps requesting a monetary allowance for a diamond-encrusted patch. Keeps being denied. Has put in an order with Cartier and is going to expense it.’


‘Reserved at first. Secretly a HUGE Madonna fan. Has all her albums.’



‘Pronounced D O double G, as in Spoop. Impossible cool. Fan of hip hop.’



‘Insisted on a head shot only because he’s still trying to get bikini ready.’



‘Didn’t stop talking throughout the shoot. Also has paint on her ear. Also fired.’



‘Raised by a cat. Has a full repartee of witty one-liners. Won’t wait to be invited to use them.’


‘Full-time retiree. Part-time therapist. Will always share her couch, but may fall asleep whilst you talk.’



‘Weighs 50kg, thinks she’s a lap dog. Can take out a couch once she breaks into a gentle trot.’

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