Pictures show when the background's better than the subject itself

Lights, camera, photobomb! Hilarious snaps reveal the people (and animals) who just couldn’t resist stealing the spotlight – including a smiling stingray and a cheeky lifeguard

  • In a Bored Panda gallery, snaps prove things in the background are often funnier
  • In one snap, a horse managed to steal the show by pulling a face behind a couple
  • Another snap shows Prince Harry sticking his tongue out in a funny photobomb 

From a whale who is photobombing a wedding ceremony to having a royal pull funny faces in your picture, these snaps show that sometimes the background of an image is funnier than the subject.   

In a gallery compiled by Bored Panda, these pictures from around the world prove that an intruder can actually make your snap even better.   

In one snap, a horse managed to steal the show by pulling a funny face behind a couple and in another a lifeguard posed to mimic the girl getting her photo taken. 

Another perfectly-timed picture shows a train driver waving as he passed by a woman having her photo taken by the track, while another man posed in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, making it look like it was his outstretched arms.

Happy as Harry! The Duke of Sussex let his silly side show as he stuck his tongue out behind two Invictus Games workers in this snap

Flying by! One train driver threw an arm out the window of his vehicle, which appeared to be in Alaska, as he drove behind a woman posing for a snap 

Strike a pose! One hilarious photobomb came from a lifeguard who mimicked the woman posing for a picture at a water park 

Good god! As a couple posed in front of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil, a man behind them stood perfectly still and appeared to be a human version of the Jesus statue 

Say cheese! In one hilarious snap, a little boy completed the perfect photobomb by rubbing his nose against a window behind a woman 

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All smiles! A very happy stingray appeared to be grinning for the camera as it leapt out of the water behind a couple in the sea 

Horsing around! This couple were all smiles for the camera, but didn’t realise a horse would steal the show and pull a silly face behind them 

This ones for the girls! During a bachelorette party, believed to be in the US, a man pouted as he stood behind a group of girls posing in a group picture 

Stealing the show! As one woman struck a glamorous pose in front of a stunning building, a child stuck his tongue out and put his thumbs up to ensure all eyes were on him 

Joining in! A cyclist was caught up in a group of motorbike riders which resulted in a hilarious photobomb 

I do! While saying their vows in front of an aquarium, this happy couple were photobombed by a very curious beluga whale  

He’s behind you! One very happy dog was photobombed by another, who pulled numerous faces behind the other’s back 

It’s been a long day! While talking on a US news channel, one presenter’s dog was caught taking a quick nap on his little sofa bed  

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