Polyamorous couples reveal their festive season struggles

Perils of polyamorous relationships! People with multiple partners reveal their festive season struggles – from choosing between girlfriends to texting lovers while having dinner with the in-laws

  • People in polyamorous relationships have shared stories of the festive season
  • Revealed it can be tricky because partners have to choose who to spend it with
  • Others invite multiple partners and say they enjoy ‘snuggling on the sofa’ 
  • Some spoke about the perils of a polyamorous holiday, including all the food 

Families everywhere know the stress that comes with spending time together over the festive season.  

So spare a thought for people in polyamorous relationships, who need to juggle not just one other set of family members but sometimes two or three.

People from around the world took to anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper to reveal what it is really like to have multiple partners over the festive season. 

Some admitted to feeling left out if their partners chose to leave them out for the holidays to spend time with each other alone, while say they have to hide the nature of their relationship from their family.  

However several spoke to the positives of having multiple partners, including having more people to ‘snuggle’ and spend time with. 

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the most fascinating confessions…  

Everyone’s invited! People from around the world revealed what the festive season is like if you’re in a polyamorous relationship. Pictured, a post from someone in Deforest Junction, Ohio

Juggling partners: This American polyamorous couple kept in touch with their other partners 

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