Proof That Meghan Markle Doesn't Really Want to Be Left Alone

In early January, two of the most famous people in the world announced that they no longer wanted to live in the spotlight. Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex decided that they were tired of always being under a microscope and chose to step down as senior members of the royal family to live a more private life.

After having to see their names in the headlines so much, many royal fans understood that they just wanted more privacy. However, some are left scratching their heads since they still make front-page news every day and haven’t exactly been keeping a low-profile.

While the prince was born into a life of fame and privilege Meghan found the celebrity life as an actress more recently, but her behavior now has people questioning if she really wants to give up that life and be left alone.

Smiling for the camera in Canada

Since stepping down, interest in the couple has been at a fever pitch which is something they had to know would happen after their bombshell announcement almost crashed Instagram.

According to BBC media editor Amol Rajan, “the way to stay out of the media is not to be too interesting. Recent events have, ironically, seen interest in the Sussexes radically increase.”

What Meghan had to realize is that the paparazzi were stationed outside the home on Vancouver Island where they have been staying. So when she decided to hike on a public trail near the home with her dogs and Archie she knew there was a possibility that someone would snap a photo of her. But when that happened, the former Suits star was reportedly alarmed.

CHEK news editor Scott Fee spoke to the photographer who took the picture and he said, “Meghan didn’t hide from the shot, she gave me a smile, she didn’t prevent it from happening.”

House hunting in Los Angeles

Moreover, when you’re trying to fly under the radar looking for homes in Los Angeles certainly isn’t going to grant you any extra privacy or a more quiet life. Meghan knows that’s ground zero for the paparazzi so looking for a place to call their own in Tinseltown doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Sources have said that Sussexes plan on having a home in L.A. in the near future. But what about living in a small town in Vancouver?

According to People, the Sussexes will “likely have houses in both places.”

Appearing on TV again

Meghan quit acting when she and the prince announced their engagement but she isn’t staying retired.

There were previous reports that the duchess was going to appear on a Canadian reality show with her best friend, stylist Jessica Mulroney, however, the network later debunked those rumors. Still, there is a lot of chatter that Meghan wants to get back into acting soon and is waiting for the right opportunity.

If it sounds like she needs to do that to become “financially independent” just know that she and the prince are already worth close to $50 million. Therefore, they could actually afford to live in a quiet place away from the limelight for the rest of their lives if they really wanted to.

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