Rick Stein selling lockdown breakfast for £43 – but you have to cook it yourself

Telly chef Rick Stein is selling a lockdown breakfast for £42.95 – which customers have to cook themselves.

The food box for two is delivered by post and contains four sausages, six eggs, bread, bacon, “hog” pudding, jam, coffee and butter for £35. Postage costs an extra £7.95

Rick, 74, says some of the preparation is already done and urges customers: “Enjoy a full Cornish breakfast at home with all the ingredients you need to serve a very hearty breakfast for two.”

But one punter wrote on a Facebook: “I’m sure it’ll be lovely but it’s very expensive.”

The breakfast box is one of several Rick is mailing out to keep his business running. He is reeling from an £8million hit caused by the pandemic, his accounts revealed.

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Books filed this month show how badly by his firm – Stein Trading Company – has been affected by lockdowns.

They say the company has been “severely impacted by the temporary closure of all sites as a result of government restrictions to curb the transmission of Covid-19”.

The accounts add: “When restaurants, pubs and hotels were allowed to reopen fully on July 20, revenues were £8million down year-on-year as a direct result of the closure.”

Meanwhile, if you fancy cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast from scratch without Rick's box – make sure you don't make the “cardinal sin”.

Some chefs reckon we’ve been cooking the breakfast meal wrong.

Italians argue adding milk is a “cardinal sin”.

And to throw another spanner in the works, food scientist Alton Brown says we should be mixing in a dollop of mayonnaise.

Apparently, it gives your eggs a creamier and more delicious texture.

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