Rita Wilson Explains Pic of Angry-Looking Tom Hanks Shouting at Cannes Staff Member

A pic of "Asteroid City" star Tom Hanks on the Cannes red carpet on Tuesday seemingly shouting angrily at a staff member quickly went viral, leading to a response from wife Rita Wilson, who was also present — and the alleged staff member!

Tom Hanks is America’s dad and America’s dad never gets angry … or does he? That’s the question that started circulating around along with a viral picture from the Cannes red carpet where he certainly looked– let’s just say it — he looked p—ed off and shouting at a staff member.

The actor was on hand for his role in Wes Anderson’s latest picture, “Asteroid City,” joined by his wife Rita Wilson on the carpet. She was standing by his side for the viral moment, which was captured from more than one angle.

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After a full day of fan speculation as to what was going on in this photo, and if perhaps the “nice guy” image Hanks has held for decades at this point in his career might just be a façade of carefully curated moments, Wilson apparently had had enough.

On Wednesday, she took to her Instagram Stories to set the record straight about the moment. “This is called ‘I can’t hear you.’ People are screaming.,” she wrote, per CNN. “‘What did you say? Where are we supposed to go?'”

“But that doesn’t sell stories!” she added. “Nice try. We had a great time.” Certainly in the majority of the many, many photos taken of the couple, they both seem to be in great spirits together, with plenty of smiles and laughter.

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So was it just a flash of a moment awkwardly captured that wasn’t at all what it looked like on the screen? Exacerbating the story, Hanks was notably absent from the film’s photo-call the next day.

A man claiming to be the staffer in question, Vincent Chapalain, told his story both on his own Twitter feed and to The Daily Mail.

Translated with the assistance of Google, Chapalain’s tweet in response to a fan asking what was going on read, “They just ask me if they should go back to the start of the mat with the rest of the film crew (I’m not security).” He added in a follow-up, “And with the cries of the photographers, they are obliged to speak loudly.”

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According to The Daily Mail, Chapalain has worked at the festival for a decade and fully corroborated Wilson’s version of events to the publication, as well. “Nothing happened at all, the photo is totally misleading,” he told the outlet.

You can check out The Daily Mail article for the pic in question, as well as additional pics for context that certainly seem to back up the version of events both Wilson and Chapalain are asserting.

The Daily Mail further reports that Hanks was never slated to appear at the photo-call as he had a prior commitment back in the United States and had to leave following the premiere.

It turns out that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, not all of those words may speak the truth. And fans can rest easy knowing that Tom Hanks is still America’s fun-loving, happy dad. Just look at all the other pictures from Cannes for confirmation!

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