Rodney Atkins Releases ‘Caught Up In The Country’ Filled With ‘Gritty & Raw’ Songs

The man who brought us ‘Watching You,’ ‘Take A Back Road,’ & more country jams is back! Rodney Atkins has released his fifth studio album.

Rodney Atkins is continuing to deliver songs to his fans that they’ll be listening to for years. Today, May 10, the country crooner dropped his fifth studio album, Caught Up In The Country, which is his first long-form collection of original songs since 2011! “It’s about family, love. It’s the first time in my career that I realized in the past, love songs that I recorded were all about fighting or breaking up, and I always wanted to have some love songs, but real, just as organic and personal as ‘Watching You’ is,” Rodney revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview last month at the ACM Awards. “There are love songs on this album that are gritty and raw , that will say what folks are trying to say.”

The album comes as the title track enters the Top 20 at Country radio, and is sure to have the longevity that Rodney’s other classics, like “Watching You” and “If You’re Going Through Hell” have seen. “That’s the dream! That’s the goal of why it takes so long making records, trying to put together songs that will remaining relevant,” he said. “As long as people are driving cars, ‘Take A Back Road’ will always be relevant. ‘Going Through Hell’ will always be relevant.”

He continued, “That’s a challenge to find a song… I love when folks come up and say, ‘That’s my song.’ Thats the dream to have those songs that will be around forever.” When advising the up and coming country stars on how to achieve the consistent, number 1 success that Rodney has throughout his career, he told them to “Be where you are.” “Be at the place you’re at, at the moment. If you aren’t having fun now, you won’t have fun when you get to that next place.”

Be sure to get Caught Up In The Country now, and watch the music video for the title track!

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