Sainsbury's contactless and card payments down leaving customers furious | The Sun

SAINSBURY'S contactless and card payment systems are down leaving customers furious.

Shoppers said on Twitter that they had been unable to use contactless cards or smartphones to pay for shopping at Sainsbury's stores.

The disruption to card payment has led some customers to leave their shopping after being unable to pay.

One angry customer said on Twitter: "Appalled by customer services today at Blackwater Sainsburys. No contactless working and no signs or warnings until I got to pay.

"I Had to leave my £150.82 shop and 50 minutes of my time. John duty deputy manager-appalling support."

Another customer said: "Avoid Sainsbury. No contactless payments are working. Just had to leave my whole trolley of shopping!"

"They don’t tell you before you start shopping either. They like to let you fill up your trolley first so you waste your morning."

Another customer confirmed that the technical issue also affects Apple Pay and said: "Witnessed the main problem with a cashless society today.

"Go into Sainsbury's for lunch, all card machines and Apple Pay are down, and no contactless either. Luckily I had cash. Many others didn’t."

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