Sarah Jessica Parker teases Carries new tutu in Sex and the City reboot

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Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic outfit is getting an upgrade in HBO Max’s “Sex and the City” reboot, with Sarah Jessica Parker giving fans a sneak peek at the new style on Instagram Thursday.

The actress, 56, posted a clip of herself twirling in a white tiered tulle skirt and two-toned Chanel booties that should look familiar to fans of the original series, as her character wore them for several scenes in Season 6.

When the “And Just Like That…” costume designers reposted Parker’s clip, several fans swiftly connected the skirt to the ballet-inspired look the star sported in the “Sex and the City” credits.

“Is this meant to be an updated version of the tutu from the original opening sequence bc I will dieeeeeeee omg,” one commented, while a second wrote, “Nothing like a tulle twirl!!!!”

Another person wondered whether the bridal-worthy style could indicate that Carrie and Mr. Big are still going strong, commenting, “ARE WE RENEWING VOWS? Looks like the same floor in the courthouse!!” (Unlikely, as Page Six recently broke the news that the duo are getting divorced in the revival.)

Shortly after HBO Max confirmed the reboot in January, Page Six Style predicted that Carrie’s vintage tutu would be among the many “Sex and the City” looks to get a fresh spin in the new series.

Since “And Just Like That…” began filming on the streets of NYC this summer, the character’s beloved Manolo Blahniks and purple Fendi Baguette have also reemerged.

But not all of Carrie’s new looks have gotten a warm reception; in July, SJP was spotted on set in a paisley maxi dress identical to one from Forever 21, sending fashion fans into a tailspin. The piece was reportedly purchased without a label, making its actual origin a mystery.

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