Sheins £9 shorts mocked by shoppers who say theyre more like thongs

A pair of £9 'denim shorts' have left Shein shoppers mocking the online retailer after resembling a thong rather than the proposed summery item.

The online brand known for its discounted clothing is currently selling a pair of 'Low Rise Booty Denim Shorts' for £9.49 and they really do live up to their name.

The controversial item which is available in five different colours has caused an uproar on social media as shoppers flocked to express their concerns and question why Shein is selling them as shorts rather than an item of underwear.

Some shoppers took to Facebook to share their outrage where one declared: "NO NO NO NO stop it just no!!!!."

Another wrote: "I'm sorry… what?? Low rise booty denim SHORTS? Those are denim undies. Shein… I don't buy from ya'll but that is not a way to get me in the door!."

"Sooo Shein is getting ladies ready for summer with what they're calling the Low Rise Booty Denim Shorts. Yeah, we're calling it a jong because let's be real…it's a jean thong", noted another.

Others expressed their concerns over the comfort of the 'booty shorts' with one commenting: "Shein needs to stop playing…they are calling these low rise denim booty shorts….lets call them what they are…Denim Thongs- which sounds super uncomfortable".

"SHEIN’s at it again. For the love of god, these cannot be comfortable..and I’m sorry but those are not “low rise booty shorts”…that’s a denim thong. Leave it to SHEIN", said another shopper.

Other shoppers took to Twitter where one wrote sarcastically alongside a photo of the item: "yes shein, i would really love to buy a pair of low rise booty denim shorts."

Another gave a word of warning and said: "I don’t buy from Shein but I just got recommended this… Safe to say I will not be buying the low rise booty denim shorts which are basically knickers lmao."

One shopper wanted to know the reason behind the fashion choice and wrote while addressing Shein: "pls explain yourself by providing a list of all the 'trendsetters' currently rocking what you, and only you, call 'low rise booty denim shorts'."

And yes, shoppers are actually buying the item for £9.49 on Shein, some even going so far as to praise the item for how "comfy" it is.

On the Shein website, one purchaser said: "Material and fitting is perfect."

"Sooo happy with this purchase" looks even better in person."

Another shopper said: "These are tiny but awesome! I am in love! Super sexy and a great shape over the bum."


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