Shocking interactions with potential employers

Would you REALLY want to work here? Job hunters reveal the worst recruiters they’ve encountered – including a request for ‘good looking’ applicants for a shopping website

  • Bored Panda rounded up hilarious job recruitment fails from around the world 
  • One employer refused to consider applicants who didn’t already have a job
  • Another was hiring a junior staff member with at least nine years of experience 

Automated responses to job applications can  often be frustrating, but sometimes they’re better than what recruiters can often write.

Bored Panda rounded up hilarious interactions job seekers from around the world have had with potential employers, and job listings that have shocking requirements, including one that said applicants should be ‘good looking’.

Another person contributed a message they received on LinkedIn from a recruiter in the US, saying only candidates who are currently working will be considered for the role.

Elsewhere, another person from America shared a job listing for a Junior Software Developer that has at least nine years of experience. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most shocking interactions which will leave your jaw on the floor… 

Bored Panda rounded up shocking job listings and correspondence with recruiters – including one person who was repeatedly referred to by the wrong name in emails 

One job seeker was eager to apply for an entry level role until they read a requirement involved being ‘good looking’

 A job seeker, who lives in the US, received a message on LinkedIn from a recruiter only considering applicants who already have a job 

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Sorry NOT sorry! One person from the UK, was stunned to receive an email that said they had accidentally been rejected – before the employers said they had reviewed their application and they would still be unsuccessful 

Another person received an email from a restaurant in Atlanta, claiming their experience of working with dead bodies was relevant for working with them 

Junior doesn’t mean beginner? A job seeker who lives in America, was stunned to spot the requirements of a Junior Software Developer included having at least nine years of experience 

One person received an email from a potential employer apologising for their attitude during the interview process

Another individual was amused to receive a rejection email, despite withdrawing their application because they accepted a role somewhere else 

Most aggressive recruiter ever? A potential employer seeking candidates on LinkedIn warned people not to apply if they’ve already got an offer from another company 

One recruiter claimed they didn’t focus on experience when hiring, only to later list a requirement of at least two years 

Another employer based in Canada explained they weren’t interested in hiring anyone who has a personality

Always proof read! A recruiter accidentally forwarded the hiring manager’s comments about the candidate being a nerd 

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