Shoppers share their disappointment over botched orders

What I wanted VS what I got! Shoppers share their disappointment after their orders turned out VERY different from what they had in mind

  • Shopper disappointment has been showcased by 
  • People from around the world shared botched birthday cakes and fashion fails  
  • Tattoo fans have also been left horrified by inadequate inkings
  • Dresses ordered online turned out to be shapeless sacks instread of glam gowns 

Shopping online always comes with risks especially if you are using a site you’ve never seen before, but sometimes it’s hard to resist a tantalising bargain. 

However, some price are too good to be true, as these amusing snaps from around the world collated by prove. 

One child was no doubt left very disappointed on their birthday when the exploding Incredible Hulk 3D cake they were hoping for turned out more like a flat green splodge. 

And ordering a glamorous dress for a special occasion is always a big risk, with customers ending up with shapeless sacks bearing very little resemblance to the figure-hugging gowns that were advertised.  

But even ordering what you want in person is sometimes no guarantee, with people ending up with terrible tattoos that they’re now stuck with after comign under the needle of an unskilled artist. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the cringemworthy occasions when expectation fell very far short of reality. 

Seeing red! This wedding dress marketed to brides in Southern Africa turned out to be a firm ‘I don’t!’ when a shapeless sack arrived instead of the glamorous figure-hugging gown advertised 

The un-credible hulk: we imagine this US mother was shocked when the cake arrived, looking like someone sat on it

Needs to be shelved! One US book lover’s tattooist clearly got bored halfway through the process, leaving the results less than desirable

Flamenc-no! This US dance lover probably had some ruffled feathers when this mockery of an outfit arrived, which looks nothing like the picture at all!                                 

The original cake, made my a Korean baker doesn’t compare to the strange version this US- based customer received, from the oversized hands to the rushed face – we are sure there’s one disappointed anime lover out there! 

Short chain-ged! This woman was not impressed after asking for a piercing with a chain across her nose and ending up with it dangling towards her mouth  

Fail-mo! This haunted looking Elmo cake probably left a US toddler terrified on their birthday

The Lord’s work isn’t always good: This US customer was looking for The Hand of God, or Manus Dei in Latin – more like Manus mangle!

What a cheetah! The US customer was expecting pretty custom made glassware, but instead received something that looks like a Year Six art project

Half the tree for half the price! This US customer was shocked when their sad looking Christmas decor arrived and even did a facepalm.

A Rio-based customer was hoping for matte blue hues and a bit of a feature nail, instead they were left feeling blue at this manicure 

A US woman was looking for a glossy subtle pink tint, instead she got a full head of pink that looks more home-dye than professional

Botched Barney the dinosaur: This cake belongs either in the bin or the Mesozoic Era where dinos first walked the Earth, and not on a US toddlers birthday table

We bet this UK customer was not tickled pink when her outfit arrived, looking nothing like the original in terms of color and tailoring

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