Six ways to save money and get free food at Nando's

EVERYONE loves a cheeky Nando's but we also want to bag a bargain when we're eating out.

So to help you cut costs at the chicken chain, we've rounded-up top tips from readers on how they save cash.

Their tricks include a way to get two burgers for the price of one, as well as a secret to getting twice the amount of halloumi for less.

Here's what you need to know.

1. Save up to £3.70 and get free halloumi in your pitta

Halloumi fans need to listen up as you've been ordering your Nando's wrong all these years.

Fans of the grilled cheese may be ordering a Peri-Peri chicken breast fillet in a pitta for £6.45 and then adding a side of halloumi to their order for £1.50 – making it £7.95 in total.

Or if they're feeling hungry they might opt for two Peri-Peri chicken breasts in a pitta for £9.75 with the same £1.50 halloumi side taking their total order to £11.25.

But Jo tweeted us to say that you can get the halloumi for free with the Fino Pitta. She said: "If you're a fan of halloumi cheese and grilled chicken get yourself the Fino Pitta as you get the extra cheese for free!"

The Fino Pitta costs £7.55 and you'll get two Peri-Peri chicken thighs, grilled halloumi cheese, a caramelised red onion relish, wild garlic aioli mayonnaise, and lettuce.

That's £3.70 less than the double chicken breast Pitta and halloumi and 40p less than the single chicken breast pitta and halloumi side – thanks for the tip Jo!

2. Save £1.10 and get two halloumi sides instead of one halloumi starter

There's another top tips for halloumi fans from Sandy. She explained: "Always get the halloumi side instead of the (more expensive, inferior) halloumi stick starter.

"Could even get two halloumi sides for less money!"

Twitter user Liz added: "I was going to say this. So much cheaper!"

That's because Nando's halloumi starter costs a whopping £4.10 for five sticks of grilled halloumi and a chilli jam dip.

But if you can live without the dip, you can get a halloumi side for just £1.50, which means you can get two for £3 – that's a £1.10 saving compared to the starter and you get twice the amount of cheese.

3. Save up to £1 by ordering chicken and a separate side

If you're buying a quarter chicken leg or a quarter chicken breast you only get the option to buy it on its own for £4.10 or with two sides for £7.60.

There's no option to buy it with one side included in the price.

But as regular sides cost £2.60, if you're not that hungry you could just buy the meat on its own with one side for £6.70 – that's £1 less than going for the two sides meal.

The same goes for a half chicken, which costs £7.60 on its own or £11.10 with two sides.

Buy just the chicken and one side separately and it costs 90p less at £10.20.

Twitter user Juanita says she uses this trick: "If something comes with two sides but you only want one, buy the chicken and side separately!

"This is what I do with the chicken thighs."

4. Save 50p ordering a wings platter – and you get more food

If two of you both go for a five chicken wings meal with two regular sides it'll cost £9.45 each or £18.90 in total.

But opt for the wing platter and you'll get 10 chicken wings with either two large sides or four regular sides for £18.40.

That's 50p less and you get way more food = winner winner chicken dinner.

5. Get two chicken burgers for the price of one

Now this is a great trick from Ethan if you're feeling hungry.

He recommends buying the double chicken burger meal which comes with two breast fillets and two sides.

He suggests getting the Peri-salted chips, although that's optional of course, and then getting the garlic bread.

What you then do is taken out one of the chicken fillets from the burger to put it between the two slices of garlic bread, and then apply your choice of free sauce.

Voila. Double chicken burger with two sides for £13.25.

6. Don't throw away free chicken

Last but not least, as one Twitter user puts it: "If you don’t have a rewards card you are throwing free chicken away!"

Nando's loyalty card – and sadly this one is red and not the black card celebs are often rumoured to have – gives you one chilli for every visit where you spend at least £7.

Once you hit three chillies you get a free quarter chicken worth £3.95 or a "fire-starter" worth £3.70 – a cheeky deal indeed.

Earn five chillies, and you'll get a free half chicken or single wrap, pitta or burger worth up to £9.75.

Save up to 10 chillies and you'll get a whole chicken worth £13.25 or a single combo meal with regular sides where prices vary depending on what you choose.

But as you also get one stamp simply for signing up to the scheme, that means you only need to spend £14 to get your first freebie.

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