Smartphone users losing up to £180 a year by failing to use all their mobile data

SMARTPHONE owners are losing up to £180 a year by failing to use all the mobile data they pay for, a report reveals.

Only ten per cent use all their data each month, researchers found.

The average Brit spends £20 a month for 5GB data.

But by swapping to cheaper deal, they could save between £60 and £180 a year, the study shows.

The 32 per cent of people who are tied to a two-year deal are losing up to £360.

This despite more than a third of buyers (37 per cent) saying the most important thing when purchasing a phone is sticking to a budget.

Those in the South West were found to be worst at wasting data with 73 per cent not using their full allocation.

At 62 per cent, those in the North East waste the least, followed by London (70 per cent).

People in Northern Ireland (84 per cent) topped the UK league for squandering cash on deals, Sim provider Lebara discovered.

The firm’s Rajesh Dongre said said: “The public are wasting up to £180 a year on their data plans, but once out of their contracts, they can start to shop around and find a plan that works for them.”

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